Euromaindan: Revision of the World Diplomac


Nazar Gavryshko
National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Master Program (1st year)
from Kamyanka Buzkatown, Lviv region

The whole world was watching dramatic events happening in Ukraine during the last three months when Ukrainian Maidan revealed the weakness of the world diplomacy nobody had talked about before.

First of all, the system of international deals has appeared to be broken. Ukraine was guaranteed to be protected by USA, Great Britain and Russia as a member of Budapest memorandum, 1994. But, as we see now, the Russian Federation, which was a guarantor of Ukrainian sovereignty, is performing direct aggression against Ukraine by annexing Crimea region. At the same time the USA and Great Britain fold their hands just watching and being deeply concerned. So, we can tell that international deals made even between such world giants as the USA, Russia and Great Britain do not guarantee safety and territorial integrity.

Secondly, world community has discovered that the age of dictatorships in Europe is not over. The Ukrainian president built a great dictatorial regime in the middle of Europe masked under democracy. And now we understand that several countries such as Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan have developed similar or even stricter state organizations based on wide authorities of security forces, governments fully subordinated to president and corruption. As a result, we may see similar protests in these countries in near future, which will bring instability to European region again.

Thirdly, information is a tool of war. Ukrainians did defeat Russia in information warfare in the world but lost in the eastern part of Ukraine. That is why people there now think that ‘western fascists’ are going to kill them and to prohibit Russian language use. Because of that there are a lot of separatists in south-eastern regions now.

To sum up, Euromaidan has demonstrated that international deals are unreliable, many dictatorships are still present in Europe, and dirty propaganda still has a great impact on people’s minds.


This essay is part of a series of student writing on the Euromaidan, part of the the Student Views of Euromaidan project.

For more information on this series and a full index of contributions, please see the introductory post.

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