Orobets is the European Choice for Kyiv – not Klitschko


Taras Kuzio

The re-registration of Lesya Orobets as a candidate for Kyiv Mayor was the right and just decision to make. The actions of the UDAR-Solidarity team in attempting to remove her show how little they have in common with democracy and European values (as to fighting corruption they cannot have anything in common when Dmytro Firtash is financing Petro Poroshenko’s election campaign).

The removal of Orobets resembles Petro Poroshenko’s call for Yulia Tymoshenko to withdraw her candidacy from the presidential elections. Both Vitality Klitschko and Poroshenko do not political competition that is a central component of democracy –.

Orobets – a young professional woman, with no corrupt political or economic baggage, committed to Ukraine’s European integration that can speak English and intelligently represent Ukraine’s capitol city to the world – is the best candidate for the position of Kyiv Mayor.

Poroshenko is not donating anything new to Klitschko’s Kyiv election campaign but instead relying on his past allies from the Leonid Chernovetsky “Cosmo” team who raped and pillaged the capitol city with the assistance of President Yushchenko and the “Lyubi druzi.” Serhiy Leshchenko has analysed Poroshenko’s alliance with Chernovetsky in great detail. Chernovetsky and Poroshenko both donated political parties to the launch of the Party of Regions in 2000, they both supported Yushchenko in the 2004 elections, both feared Tymoshenko and both backed Yanukovych  in 2010.

Either Klitschko knew about the decision to remove Orobets’s candidacy or he was unaware of it and is only a figurehead leader of UDAR-Solidarity. This might not be that difficult considering that both are virtual political forces.

Poroshenko has launched three “Solidarity” parties in his political career each geared towards his political masters at the time: in 2000 the first “Solidarity” was donated to launch the Party of Regions, in 2005 the second was donated to launch People’s Union-Our Ukraine and the third is placed at the disposal of Firtash during this years pre-term presidential and Kyiv elections.

Klitschko, like Poroshenko, has not introduced European principles into Ukraine by building UDAR from the ground up. As an expert who worked on UDAR’s 2012 election campaign explained to me:

‘In February 2011, the UDAR party leadership initiated work on a new party programme that would position it as a liberal pro-European political force. They worked closely with German consultants from the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and advisers from the International Republican Institute (IRI). On the Ukrainian side, they gathered a group of about ten experts from different fields and organised a series of joint discussion sessions to work out different parts of the programme. There were at least five such sessions where experts debated various policy perspectives. Neither Klitschko nor his immediate deputy Vitaliy Kovalchuk participated in any of these sessions or presented their own ideas to experts working on the programme. We were told that Klitschko could not read more than a page at a time. The entire party programme was in effect outsourced to an expert community with minimum feedback from the party leadership. The final programme draft approved during the June 2011 party congress closely resembled the original drafts prepared by each of the experts with the minor corrections were more stylistic rather than substantive. The party programme seemed more important to its leaders as a PR instrument rather than as a guideline for policy-making when they would be in power.’

Kyiv – the capital city of Ukraine and home of the Orange Revolution,  Euromaidan and Heavenly Hundred martyrs – needs a real European to be its mayor. That can only be Orobets – not Klitchko (Poroshenko-Firtash).

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