Maidan and Religion

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The study of the sociological phenomenon of the “Maidan” in terms of its religious component .

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Since Maidan is a spirit of rebellion in response to the impossibility to change the politically dominant – state system in Ukraine , it is impossible to understand without scientific research of religious component of Maidan. The religious phenomenon was connected with Maidan during the whole life time of its duration and in particular the clergy manifested great activity and the presence of multiple daily prayer. The religious community of the whole Ukraine accompanied Maidan in Kiev and was invited to create their own hearts, square on the ground – rethinking their social practices, constant prayer and financial assistance. After the impossible became a reality and the spirit of freedom embodied physically overcome evil.

  • Define the specific factors that could determine the religious component of the Maidan . They are sorted into different clusters.
  • Prepare data for scientific analysis of the multifaceted religious component Maidan.
Future goals
  • Writing a research-based material.
  • Comparative studies of the religious component of the Maidan to the historical, political other components.
  • Preparation of 30 hours course “theologian Maidan.”
  • Book publishing on different clusters issues.
  1. Prayer in the Maidan
  2. Religious personages of the Maidan
  3. Sermons and religious speeches on Maidan
  4. Religious paraphernalia of Maidan
  5. Theological reflection of Maidan
  6. The official position of religious organizations on the Maidan
  7. Official positions of individual religious leaders on Maidan
  8. Criticism against churches on their position relative to the Maidan
  9. Videos on religious activity in the Maidan
  10. Press about religion and its leaders on the Maidan
  11. Evidence of the impact of religion on people in their effect on the Maidan
  12. Effect of Maidan on religious organizations in Ukraine
Project Members

Father Mykhaylo Dymyd (Ukrainian Catholic University)