Journal: Social, Health and Communication Studies

About the Peer-Reviewed Journal
Social, Health and Communication Studies

National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy» (NaUKMA) and MacEwan University are collaborating to publish a peer reviewed academic journal, Social, Health and Communication Studies.

This publication will be interdisciplinary and international in scope. It will be published online, with the inaugural issue to be dedicated to Euromaidan.

Social, Health and Communication Studies is based on three departments within MacEwan University and NaUKMA: Sociology, Public Health, and Mass Communications. As such, it will facilitate an  exchange of knowledge between Canadian and Ukrainian scholars. In addition, it will meet the need of Ukrainian PhD students to publish their articles in international peer reviewed journals.

The platform for the articles originated from joint research seminars and conferences conducted by MacEwan, NaUKMA and UCU.