Natalia Kovalchuk



Natalia Kovalchuk
Senior Lecturer, Department of World History
Faculty of Humanities
Ukrainian Catholic University


About Natalia Kovalchuk

1995 graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv National University.

2001 defended the Candidate of Science thesis (World History)

2000 graduated from the MA Program in Comparative History of East Central Europe at the Central European University in Budapest.

Works at LTA (UCU) since 2000, held the positions of Assistant and Head of Supplementary Student Programs (2000-2005), Head of the Department of World History (2005-2008), Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (2008-2009, 2013 -).

Took part in several international scholarly and exchange programs (AFP Returning Scholar program, Research Seminar for Excellence in Teaching, etc)

Scholarly Interests

Empires and nations. National movements in the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires at the beginning of the XX century. Pan-Slavic and Neo-Slavic ideologies. Discursive formation of national consciousness