Oleksandr Zaytsev

Oleksandr Zaytsev


Oleksandr Zaytsev
Associate Professor
Department of Modern History of Ukraine
Ukrainian Catholic University



 About Oleksandr Zaytsev

1986 graduated from the History Department at Ivan Franko Lviv State University.

Defended his Candidate of Sciences thesis on “Parliamentary political parties in Western Ukraine (1922-1939)” in 1994, at the I. Krypyakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Narional Academy of Sciences.

1986-1987 – Lecturer at the Lviv College of Light Industry.

1987-2003 – assistant, lecturer, associate professor of political history (1990 – Department of History of Ukraine) Ukrainian State Forestry University.

2003-2004 – Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Lviv Institute of Management.

Since 2004 – Associate Professor, Department of Modern History of Ukraine, UCU

Scholarly interests: modern political history of Ukraine, fascism and integral nationalism