Petro Didula

Petro and Olia at work on Maidan

Petro Didula
Director and cameraman,
Ukrainian Catholic University

Editor and Principal Cinematographer of the Woman Faces of Maidan project

About Petro Didula

Petro Didula (1966) – director and cameraman, journalist, Ukrainian Catholic University. The work on the project “Women’s Face on Maidan” he started from the end of November 2013. The project includes about 60 interviews with different women on the Maidan in Kiev. Working together with project director – Olga Onishko – he is responsible for creating movies of individual women or certain women initiatives on  Maidan.

Since 2004, Petro Didula is working in documentary films. He completed camera work for documentary film “Three Stories of Galicia” and several other documentaries. As a director, Petro Didula has created a series of movie essays on scientists, public and church leaders who are in this or that way connected with the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

He graduated from the faculty of journalism of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (1993) , a school of photojournalism at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University (1993), Philosophy and Theology Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University (1999). He worked as a journalist of different newspapers such as “Ratusha”, “Viruyu”, ” Arka “. In the period of 2002-2009 he was editor of the magazine “Patriarchate”. Married. The father of five children.