Andriy Nahachewsky

Andriy NahachewskyAndriy Nahachewsky
Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography
Director of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre
University of Alberta


Principle Researcher of the Maydan 2013-2014: Role of Social Media in Societal Transformation project

About Andriy Nahachewsky

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky occupies the Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography (since 1990) and serves as the Director of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre.

Dr. Nahachewsky graduated cum laude with a BA in Ukrainian Studies from the University of Saskatchewan in 1979, then studied for one year at the Oleksandr Korniichuk Institute of Culture in Kyiv in 1980. He completed a BFA in Dance in 1982 from York University and his MA in Ukrainian Folklore from the U of A in 1985. He studied at the Centre for Dance Studies in the United Kingdom in 1988, and received his PhD in Ukrainian Folklore from the U of A in 1991.

Nahachewsky has some 30 publications to his credit including contributions to Ethnographica, Athens; Studia Musicologica, Budapest; Rodovid, Kyiv; Dance Research Journal, New York; and Journal of American Folklore. He has been very active as a performer, teacher, critic and choreographer of Ukrainian dance.

Dr. Nahachewsky’s research focuses on ethnic dance, folk arts, and Ukrainian Canadian culture and ethnic identity.

Selected Publications

Ukrainian dance: a cross-cultural approach. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2012.

“Immigrant and symbolic ethnicity in Brazilian Ukrainian material culture.” Ukraintsi Brazylii: Os ucranianos do Brasil: Ukrainians in Brazil: A historic-ethnologic study, pp. 90-103. Eds. Maryna Hrymych, Andriy Nahachewsky, Serge Cipko, Olga Nadia Kalko. Kyiv: Duliby, 2011.

Nahachewsky, Andriy and Maria Mayerchyk. “Osoblyvosti ukrains’koi fol’klorytyky v Kanadi” [The characteristics of Ukrainian folklore studies in Canada]. Narodoznavchi zoshyty [The ethnology notebooks]. L’viv: 3-4 (93-94) 2010: 293-309.