Bohdan Harasymiw

Bohdan HarasymivBohdan Harasymiw
Coordinator, Political and
Regional Studies

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
University of Alberta


 About Bohdan Harasymiw

Bohdan Harasymiw is acting as coordinator for political and regional studies at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta.  Before retiring in 2005, he was Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary.  Trained as a Sovietologist, he specialized in the study of political elites and leadership.  In 1989-91, he was seconded to the Government of Canada as an intelligence analyst.  Since the collapse of Communism and the Soviet Union, he has focussed on the consequent processes of democratization and authoritarianism in Russia and Ukraine.  His book, Post-Communist Ukraine, came out in 2002.  A former president of the Canadian Association of Slavists, he has published numerous articles in its journal, Canadian Slavonic Papers, as well as other scholarly publications.