Ukrainians Before and After Euromaidan

Andriy Buniak
National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Master Program in
Information Control Systems and Technologies (1st year)
from Volodymyr-Volynsky town, Volyn’ region

One of the most significant achievements the Euromaidan resulted in was the dramatic change, the evolution of the Ukrainians as a nation. Considering the national spirit’s strength, the feeling of unity and the struggle of democratic changes, the Ukrainians have become one nation in the terms of a few months.

Firstly, the spirit of the Ukrainians have evolved significantly. After the Orange revolution, which definitely brought nothing but disappointment to the major part of its participants, the morale of the nation was heavily damaged. Ukrainians felt cheated and frustrated that resulted in many years of apathy and despair considering political activity. Even the first steps of Euromaidan were met with a bit of skepticism due to the comparisons with the past failures. Nevertheless, long tough months of revolution 2014 have changed the minds even of the strongest critics. The dedication and courage shown on the Independence Square inspired the increase of patriotism throughout the whole country. Today despite all the tough circumstances the victory was get in, the Ukrainians feel optimistic and confident as they have no moral right to fail with their political choice again.

Secondly, the feeling of Ukrainian national identity and unity has strengthened significantly. The problem of language differences and ethnical diversities between eastern and western regions have always seemed urgent and almost critical in Ukraine. But the events of the Euromaidan proved it to be a fiction. Every person who visited Euromaidan ( no matter thye came from Lviv, Kyiv or Kharkiv) felt the atmosphere of friendship and unity. The fact of the strong support even from almost every football club’s fans from all parts of Ukraine is also evidential. And despite all the problems Ukraine is suffering from nowadays in eastern and southern regions, I strongly believe that the only diversity which is present in Ukraine is the informational one, and the roots of this problem may be found outside the country’s borders.

Thirdly, the political views of most Ukrainians have changed a lot and become more determined. While earlier the question of joining the Europe Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was quite discussible and had both its opponents and supporters, after the events of the Euromaidan almost all doubts have gone. It is important to understand the process of revolution not only as a riot against the president and government but as a strong struggle for the whole corruptive system destruction, immediate democratic changes and a clear political course towards Europe. The victory of revolution may become a key moment in the East-West confrontation, and today’s Russia actions may be considered as the despair attempts to restore its reputation and influence in the region. The Ukrainians have made final and definitive change in their political views towards the Europe Union.

All in all , due to the evolution of spirit, the increase of national and ethnical identity and the strengthened determination in political views, the Ukrainians have changed a lot and made a giant step forward to becoming a prosperous European nation.



This essay is part of a series of student writing on the Euromaidan, part of the the Student Views of Euromaidan project.

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