Great Revolution of Minds


Kate Dremova
National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
Faculty of Computer Sciences
Master Program (1st year)
from Kyiv city

Euromaidan was not only a revolution on the street as a sociopolitical phenomenon which caused changes in the Ukrainian government; it has become a great revolution in the minds of Ukrainian people. As a result, they have discarded a lot of prejudices, have become extremely consolidated in their actions, and have deeply realized their Ukrainian identity.

Firstly, there were a lot of people of different nationalities, languages and views of Maidan. The majority of them came to support in spite of fear at heart. Ukrainians showed kindness, sincerity, and open-mindedness. They welcomed everyone with open heart and they were seen as peaceful and intelligent people.

Secondly, Ukrainian people demonstrated a high level of self-organization. Hundreds of thousands of people not only went out with the protest but also subsequently took responsibility for their decisions. During the revolution Ukrainians from all over the country provided assistance to Euromaidan: people sent food, clothing, and medicines; volunteers from all over Ukraine worked on Maidan as doctors, cooks, and guards. Such extreme solidarity of Ukrainians showed their global seriousness and sense of purpose.

Lastly, but the most important, Ukrainians have become aware of their national identity. The events that took place on Euromaidan gave rise to the flourishing of their national consciousness. Now no one can say that Ukrainians are a crowd of individuals who live in the territory of Ukraine. If people are willing to spill their blood for the sake of their homeland, it is a united nation, which has not only great common history, but shares high moral and spiritual qualities.

Ukrainian people, with their strict merging, open-mindedness, and self-determination, have shown the world that they have changed inside; thus they deserve changes outside to much better lives.


This essay is part of a series of student writing on the Euromaidan, part of the the Student Views of Euromaidan project.

For more information on this series and a full index of contributions, please see the introductory post.

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