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Commenting Now Open on Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum Posts


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The Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum is now open for commenting


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The Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum is officially open for comments. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

You can now sign in with your preferred social media account or authentication service to participate in discussions on any Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum blog post.

We now support logging in through the following services:

Logging in with one of these services will permit you to comment on Research Forum blog posts. We’ve included some instructions below for your reference.

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Logging In

To comment on a post, you can:

Comment from a post's header
Commenting from a blog post’s header options.


1) Click ‘Leave a Comment’ in the post’s header. This will jump you to the log in prompt.



Leave a Reply
The ‘Leave a Reply’ message, located at the bottom of every blog post.


2) Scroll to the bottom of the post and locate the log in prompt. 



From the log in prompt (‘Leave a Reply’), simply click the button of your preferred service to proceed.

This will open a new browser window instructions on how to log in with that service. Please follow their directions to finish logging in.

To choose a different service, simply close the window and select a different button.

You may also click the words ‘logged in’ where the prompt reads ‘You must be logged in to comment.’ This will direct you to the WordPress log in page. Please disregard the username and password fields provided, even if you have a WordPress account.

Instead, please click the button for your preferred service and follow the prompts.

Once you have logged in, you will see a comment form under ‘Leave a Reply’ at the bottom of each blog post.

Please note that your first comment will be held for moderation. All further comments you make with that account will appear immediately.

Logging In with WordPress

Log in with WordPress
Logging in with a WordPress account. Users must click the WordPress button rather than entering their user name and password into the fields provided.

The Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum is built with WordPress. As a result, the website uses a log in screen WordPress users will find familiar.

However, users with an existing WordPress account (i.e., an account created through cannot use this form to log in. It will only recognize accounts from invited blog contributors.

If you wish to comment with your WordPress account, please disregard the username and password fields provided.

Instead, please click the WordPress button below the form. This will open a new window with instructions for logging in with your WordPress account. Please follow the instructions to log in successfully.


Your Feedback

We look forward to your comments. If you have any questions or concerns about the commenting system, please leave a reply in this post OR contact our Project Coordinator, Oleksandr Pankieiev.

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