Fundraising Rally Held to Benefit Wounded of the Maidan

W. Roman Petryshyn
Canada Ukraine Foundation

DSC_0051.NEF Standing room only at the Maidan Fundraising Rally March 12, 2014.

On March 12, 2014 a standing room-only crowd of over four hundred people attending the UCC-APC Fundraising Rally for the Maidan made individual donations from $5 to $5000 and jointly raised over $107,000 for medical aid to people wounded on the Maidan. In addition, the Province of Alberta donated $25,000 and pledged to match community donations with $100,000 more from provincial funds to support medical, rehabilitation, and loss of  family income costs incurred by 30 remaining participants of the Euromaidan still in Kyiv hospitals. . The fundraising will continue until May 25, 2014 at the 100 branches SERVUS Credit and is expected to raise about one quarter million dollars. Read more