Fundraising Rally Held to Benefit Wounded of the Maidan

W. Roman Petryshyn
Canada Ukraine Foundation

DSC_0051.NEF Standing room only at the Maidan Fundraising Rally March 12, 2014.

On March 12, 2014 a standing room-only crowd of over four hundred people attending the UCC-APC Fundraising Rally for the Maidan made individual donations from $5 to $5000 and jointly raised over $107,000 for medical aid to people wounded on the Maidan. In addition, the Province of Alberta donated $25,000 and pledged to match community donations with $100,000 more from provincial funds to support medical, rehabilitation, and loss of  family income costs incurred by 30 remaining participants of the Euromaidan still in Kyiv hospitals. . The fundraising will continue until May 25, 2014 at the 100 branches SERVUS Credit and is expected to raise about one quarter million dollars. Read more

The exhibit “The Euromaidan Project: The Art of Revolution” in Edmonton


On  February 23rd, St. John’s Institute hosted The Euromaidan Project, an exhibition of 50 posters that adorned Kyiv’s Independence Square in late 2013. The posters are all 8.5×11, created such that people could print them at home and distribute them as part of the protest. Read more